SwiftPOS Point of Sale Software is a comprehensive point of sale system that can be scaled to meet the needs of any type of hospitality or retail operation. Designed to suit Restaurants, Cafe’s, Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Bottle Shops, Quick Service and Retail in single store/multi-store/franchise environments.

The SwiftPOS Point of Sale Software has designed to be simple to use with bullet proof reliability for high speed operation in busy environments. It offers everything you want in a Point of Sale solution and is still easy to use. SwiftPOS is a cost effect solution for any sized operation and is currently installed in many small venues with single POS terminals up and scales up to large stadiums and Franchise chains with over 200 POS terminals connected to a single SwiftPOS server. The SwiftPOS software can be purchased outright, or paid for on a subscription basis with no up front fees. You can also add more POS Terminals onto you licence at any time for short term events like festivals or busy periods of the year.

Stock Control

Take control your stock with Swiftpos to keep track how bottles of wine you have left or track any wastage in your venue.

  • Monitor inventory levels and reduce overstocking, shrinkage and theft
  • Stock-Take variance reports – PDE or Manual
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Directly link to HLW or ALM
  • Transfer stock to different locations
  • Automatic Ordering
  • Send purchase orders directly to supplier


There are a variety of reports that can be generated from the data stored in SwiftPOS. There is also the option to produce a graphical representation of the data allow for an “at a glance” understanding of the data.

Some of the available reports include:

  • Sales reports by Department, Sub department, Department GP, Group, Movement or Financial summaries
  • Account invoice and receipt transaction reports
  • Cashier totals report
  • Hourly activity report
  • GST reports
  • Cash register activity reports
  • Item reports by Sales, Details, Statistics, Multi area sales or Theoretical sales.
  • Stock reports by Variance, Wastage or Transfer Period

Members & Accounts

Full membership and account package give you the ability to do what others are doing to reward the customer and keep track of when they visit and even track what they purchase when they come to visit your venue.

  • Loyalty rewards/Points system
  • Member campagins (Buy 10 Coffee, Get 1 Free)
  • Send promotional Emails/SMS to customer
  • Transform members to accounts giving credit limits
  • Levelling up system (Bronze to Silver to Gold)

SwiftPOS Touch

SwiftPOS Touch is a fast and intuitive interface that can help your staff perform sales efficiently and effectively without issues. Whether you decide to work on a PC, POS terminal or mobile device, SwiftPOS has you covered.

  • Table reservations, Bar tabs & Accounts
  • Split Bills, Split Balance
  • Discounts
  • Clerk logins with peripherals – RFID, Card Swipe, Fingerprint
  • Run locally without needing to stay connected with Back Office
  • Kitchen Video System
  • Mobile Compatible -iPad, Android, Windows 

Web Store & Reports

Ever decided to sell online and wanted it integrated with your point of sale? SwiftPOS has you covered with their affordable web store which is self managed by the venue. No more having to send changes to the web developer, you are able to do all that yourself at any time.

Wherever you are, you can access reports on the go with SwiftPOS Web Reports. Fully functioning with graph views, written full size page reports. You can even manage products, clerks and staff rosters.



Swiftpos integrates with a number of third party software around the world. Some examples include:

  • PC-EFTPOS (known as Linkly)
  • Tyro Payments (Integrated Eftpos)
  • Ozbiz Solutions (MYOB/XERO Integration)
  • Accounts Flow (Electronic Invoicing)
  • Impact Data
  • MAX Gaming
  • Quick Fuel (Fuel Integration)