NCR Silver

Transform  your  iPad  into  a  powerful  point-of-sale  system  with  NCR  Silver™.  The  cloud-based  business  solution  is  easy  to  use  and  its  integrated  payment  device  gives  you  the  power  to  sell  anywhere.  Start  small  or  grow  your  existing  business  with  our  core  family  of  products:  

NCR Silver

The app that started it all. Bust lines with mobile payments, enjoy intuitive sales reporting, offer seamless loyalty rewards, and manage your business. From boutiques to pubs, small businesses to franchises, NCR Silver on iOS will take you where you need to go, and beyond.

NCR Silver Pro

Enjoy table mapping, offer happy hour specials, split bills, control available servings, switch between delivery and  takeaway orders and so much more. With the NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition app for iOS devices, restaurateurs have innovative and intuitive technology to turn the tables.

NCR Silver helps entrepreneurs manage
every aspect of their operations.

A mobile point-of-sale … but so much more

Available on Apple (iOS) devices and the Android-based Silver Register, our cloud-based business management and
point-of-sale platform was built for entrepreneurs with big aspirations. From single store locations to multi-site
franchises, NCR Silver offers the technology tools you need to get up and running faster, modernise operations and
enhance the customer experience. But, we don’t stop there. Here’s a closer look at what else we deliver.

The core NCR Silver point-of-sale service includes:

Simplified technology guaranteed to work

NCR Silver was built around simplicity and ease of use for all types of businesses – from food truck operator to multi-site retailer. However, this does not mean that we sacrifice your business uptime for simplicity. Even though NCR Silver is a cloud-based tablet POS solution, we also give you the ability to stay up and running – even if the Internet is down. And when you include the flexibility to choose the best operating system and hardware devices that work for your business, NCR Silver has what you need to take your business to the next level.


Use your existing iOS Apple devices and turn them into full working point of sale systems. With little setup time you can  start and run your business in minutes.

Many hardware options – from the wireless countertop printer to the integrated scale – improve your experience at the ePOS

Silver Register

NCR Silver even runs on android devices, it’s a dedicated point-of-sale. No games, no surfing, all business. The NCR Silver Register comes has ports that will able to connect cash registers, printers and other peripherals with ease.


Silver Commerce

One product, one platform designed for both retail and restaurant

  • Works in both online and kiosk mode
  • Supports single and multi-SKU products
  • Configurable discounts and promotions
  • Product merchandising tools
  • Flexible payment options
  • Customer account & wallet
  • Localize to the closest restaurant/pub
  • See location specific menu, pricing & coupons
  • ‘Build Your Own’ ordering with product modifiers
  • Loyalty program support
  • Integrate with delivery partners